Katt Williams is known for his raunchy stand-ups, but when he made some xenophobic comments about Latinos, it got him and his comedy, in mounds of trouble this past summer. Williams later apologized, saying he did not mean to be offensive.

A video has surfaced of the comedian fighting a man at a Beanie Sigel show.

Lauren Porter
Mar, 08, 2016

Comedian Katt Williams isn't having the best luck these days.

Following his arrest for an incident outside of a Georgia pool store last Monday, the stand-up star was in a concert brawl on Sunday night.

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TMZ reports that Williams attempted to bum rush the stage and punched a man during rapper Beanie Sigel's Philadelphia performance.

A video shows the incident, which resulted in Williams getting jumped. No arrests were made at the Trocadero Theatre where the concert took place.