LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 22: Lead defense attorney Johnnie Cochran (R) puts his arm on O.J. Simpson's (C) shoulder after Simpson told Judge Lance Ito 22 September 1995 in Los Angeles, CA, that he has faith that jurors will acquit him of the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Simpson and her friend, Ronald Goldman. At left is defense attorney Robert Blasier (L).


The script will follow the story of Ron Settles, a California State University Long Beach football player who died while in police custody.`

Sydney Scott
Feb, 18, 2016

Johnnie Cochran has held the public's attention since the OJ Simpson trial. The late lawyer may have become well-known from one of the biggest trials of the 1990s, but there was another case before the Simpson trial that might resonate with people today.

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The Firm has acquired an untitled David McMillan script about an early Cochran case involving a California State University, Long Beach football player, Ron Settles, who was pulled over for speeding and arrested after a scuffle with police. He was found beaten and hanging in his jail cell the next morning. Like many cases today, no one was prosecuted but the family received a settlement from the city. 

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So far, not much information is available. The project is in development with producers Kevin McKeon and Robbie Brenner. Jeff Kwatinetz is attached as executive producer.

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