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Jay-Z's label fires back at the British singer following her claims that the company diminished her status.

Lauren Porter
Feb, 02, 2016

Months after Rita Ora filed a lawsuit claiming that Jay Z's Roc Nation record label had "orphaned" her, Hov's legal team is hitting back.

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Billboard reports that Roc Nation filed a $2.3 million lawsuit against the British singer stating that her request to be released from the label is "in breach of her five-album contract."

The countersuit was filed last Friday and makes claims the label "tirelessly promoted" Ora, even investing $2.3 million in her unreleased sophomore album. Roc Nation is suing with request for the return of those funds in addition to any damages on the remaining four albums in her contract.

Ora's lawyer, Howard E. King, said that the rebuttal suit was filed in order to prevent Roc Nation from losing standing in the case. Any hold up in the delay of complying to Ora's request, Howard claims, will come from Roc Nation's parent company, Sony Music.