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This beautiful moment in #BlackLove is brought to you by new Hollywood hot couple Ryan Coogler and his fiancée Zinzi Evans.

Charli Penn
Jan, 13, 2016

Feels! Hollywood definitely has a new hot couple to watch head down the red carpet this awards season.

As excitement continues to build in Hollywood in preparation for the Oscar nominee announcements tomorrow morning, the industry insider buzz says Creed could be a contender for nominations in more than one top category. And, speaking of Creed, we’ve got our eye on the film’s director Ryan Coogler—and his lovely fiancée, Zinzi Evans.

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The low-profile couple are being photographed more and more on the red carpet together, and just watching them proudly support each other is really making us smile. Although there’s no official word on a wedding date, the couple has been together for years and we hope to see them tie the knot in 2016.