Youtube star Issa Rae is telling her story in a new collection of essays about being an introvert in a world that glorifies being “cool.” If her new book is anything like her Youtube videos, we expect it to be filled with hilarious anecdotes that will leave us in stitches. Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl is coming to a bookstore near you in February 2015.

Rae's podcast will be an original drama centered around X, a football player who is gay.

Lauren Porter
Dec, 10, 2015

Issa Rae is joining the podcast trend, with a twist.

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The Awkward Black Girl creator will launch her first podcast, called Fruit, in February. But Fruit won't be your everyday podcast—the "innovative drama" will be an original piece of fiction centered around X, a football player who is gay.

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Fruit will debut via Howl, a premium subscription service for iOS and Android users, in February 2016. Casting for the show is under way.