Charlie Sheen has revealed that he is HIV-positive and that when it comes to his love life he is extremely safe and transparent.

Dominique Hobdy
Nov, 17, 2015

Charlie Sheen announced this morning that he is HIV-positive in an exclusive TODAY Show special. His admission of his status has reopened the conversation on what it means to live with the disease.

Although treatment has become more accessible and the conversation surrounding it has evolved, HIV continues to be a huge issue, especially in our community.

Dealing with HIV is not just a blow to one's health, but also their love life.

When asked about his sexual partners, Sheen said that his past and present partners were informed of his condition.

Sheen also revealed that he'd had unprotected sex with two women who were aware of his status and put under the care of his doctors.

Although it can be an extremely tough aspect of a relationship to deal with, many couples have made it work.

Cookie and Magic Johnson are a prominent example of a relationship that has lasted way beyond the diagnosis.

What would you consider before having sexual relations with an HIV-positive partner? Would you date someone who was honest with you about their condition?

Let's talk about it.

QUESTION:What would you take into account before being intimate with an HIV-positive partner? Being properly educated/fully aware of risks 15% Being protected at all times 9% Being open and honest about concerns/fears etc 6% I wouldn't be able to be intimate with an HIV-postive person 70% Total votes: 195

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