While The Game was still airing on BET, Akil pulled a Shonda Rhimes and created Being Mary Jane for the network in 2013. Starring Gabrielle Union, the series focused on the life of a Black woman who’s successful in her career but still trying to figure out love, family and life. Season four of the show continues on July 18 on BET.

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The third season of Being Mary Jane kicks off tonight on BET. What are your predictions for the season?

Dominique Hobdy
Oct, 20, 2015

Tonight is the night. Being Mary Jane is back for a third helping of love, relationships and drama.

Season 3 picks up right where last season's finale left us as Mary Jane discovers the truth about her on-again, off-again love David and her best friend Lisa's relationship and ends up in a horrific car crash.

We'll see Mary Jane try to make a comeback from her injury, commit to a "life cleanse," reevaluate her career path and deal with tragedy.

The addicting drama isn't the only thing to look forward to as Loretta Devine and Jill Scott are set to join the cast as guest stars and shake things up.

The two-hour season premiere debuts tonight on BET at 9pm ET and is sure to deliver all the drama and jaw-dropping moments we've come to know Mary Jane for.

What are your predictions for this season? Will MJ and Lisa be able to repair their friendship? Will Mary Jane be able to forgive David? Let us know what you think below.

QUESTION:What are your predictions for season 3 of 'Being Mary Jane'? MJ will get pregnant 24% Mj and David will reunite 28% Niecy will get her life together 23% Other 24% Total votes: 143