Breezy's Philippines saga is finally coming to an end. Chris Brown has been stuck in the country since Tuesday, after a fraud complaint that was filed against him in 2014 left him unable to leave. After a flurry of social media posts, Brown expressed his excitement at being able to leave. "It was fun, I love you all man!" he Instagrammed as he (happily) left the country. [People]

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Singer Chris Brown faces travel ban for his conviction for domestic violence.
Sep, 30, 2015

Pop star Chris Brown wants to use his influence as an entertainer to talk about domestic violence in Australia.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday, the singer addressed the news that he was unlikely to get an Australian visa due his criminal conviction.

He is scheduled to go on tour in Australia in December, but authorities have said that they may decline his pending visa application. Brown has 28 days to appeal the decision, reports BBC.

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