Next time you're feeling a #KanyeShrug coming on, just flash your nails. 

Virginia Lowman
Sep, 28, 2015

With the announcement of Kanye's potential pursuit of the oval office, it's no surprise that his name has become a buzzword. Since the debut of his monochrome grunge fashion line last season, he's been making waves in the fashion industry. If by chance, you are not into his high-end shabby chic aesthetic, you can now show your love of the Kimye clan with these selfie decals. Feeling a little short-fused? Opt for Kanye's infamous blank stare. Sarcastic? Got for the over-the-shoulder laugh. Don't feel like using a filter? The #KanyeShrug face was made just for you. For $6, you can deck your nails out with a slew of 20 Kanye emotions and let your nails do the talking.

If you're more Kanye than Kim, go for these. If you're more Kimye, you can also sport a crying Kim face if you're feeling a little emotionally schizophrenic, as seen below and found here.

How do you feel about nail decals, friend or foe?