Is there a Space Jam 2 in our near future, with LeBron James stepping into Michael Jordan's shoes? All signs are pointing to yes. LeBron just penned a deal with Warner Bros., the conglomerate that gave us the beauty that was Space Jam, just one month after the production company renewed its Space Jam trademarks. And with that, all 90s children rejoiced. [TIME]

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Lebron James recently announced via Twitter that kids who finish his mentorship program in Ohio will receive full scholarships to college. 

Dominique Hobdy
Aug, 15, 2015

Lebron James is gearing up to make a difference in hundreds of children's lives. 

The NBA star recently took to Twitter to share the news saying, "Every single kid who finish my program will go to college for FREE!"

The Lebron James Family Foundation said it will grant full scholarships to kids in the Akron Public School system who are members of the program. 

The six-year mentorship is supported by the University of  Akron and JPMorgan Chase. A JPMorgan spokesman said the company's technology staffers are volunteering to help students stay on track and meet the program requirements.

Up to 1,000 students could benefit from the program.  

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