Stop Everything—Beyoncé Has a Line of Flash Tattoos

Beyoncé is now in the tattoo business and we can't wait to Bey inked!

Beyoncé showed a little skin on her Instagram yesterday along with something new— a "blow" tattoo that we'd never seen before. Turns out the ink is temporary and one of a slew of song title tattoos available in her new line of tattoos in collaboration with the company, Flash Tattoos. The artist joins a line of other celebs promoting the flash tattoo trend including Rihanna.

Available on the Flash Tattoo website for $28, the line is a collection of black and metallic gold bees (of course), honeycombs, chains and medallions, geometric shapes, BB guns and a slew of song titles and phrases from chart toppers like "Pretty Hurts," "Blow,"  "Crazy in Love," and "I Woke Up Like This." 

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Tell us what you think of Bey's ink in the comments below!

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