Discussing your sexual history is always tricky, but it's unavoidable if things between you are becoming serious. I know all women won't be in agreement here but, when it does come up, I say be open and honest about it. If he asks how many people you've slept with before him, don't give him the "safe" number. Give him the real one. If he can't handle your answer, that's on him—not you. He should've taken heed when his mother told him to never ask a woman a question you don't want the answer to.

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Users of Ashley Madison—a site for married people looking to have affairs—may be busted soon as hackers threaten to release the names of anyone who signed up. What would you do if your spouse was publicly outed for cheating?

Dominique Hobdy
Jul, 20, 2015

Ashley Madison subscribers may have some explaining to do sooner than later.

According to NBC News, hackers have stolen and leaked personal details of users of Ashley Madison- a site that allows married people to get connected to others that want to have an affair.

A group known as The Impact Team is said to be behind the hack and claims to have data on Ashley Madison's 37 million users. The team is threatening to release names, addresses, credit card information and secret fantasies of users unless the site is taken down. They claim that the attack was prompted due to the site's "full delete" feature that promises to delete traces of a profile for a $19 fee, calling it a "complete lie."

Ashley Madison, which is owned by Canada's Avid Life Media has confirmed that the hack took place and says that they have managed to take down all personal information that was leaked.

How would you handle it if your spouse was outed publicly for cheating? Are you automatically leaving or is there room for forgiveness? Let us know below.

QUESTION:What Would You Do if Your Spouse Was Busted Publicly for Cheating? I would leave 56% Seek couples therapy 15% I would work on forgiving him/her 11% None of the Above 18% Total votes: 225