Steve Harvey’s Surprising Advice For Single Woman: Stop Looking

The Family Feud host told the ladies at ESSENCE Empowerment that hunting in relationship is the man's job.

Steve Harvey is known for giving it to his fans straight, and he didn’t disappoint during his appearance as host of Essence Festival’s first-ever dating game. While the best-selling author has sold millions of books schooling ladies on how to Think Like A Man, the Family Feud host had some advice for single ladies looking for a mate.

“I suggest you stop,” he told the packed crowd.

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“You looking for a man is not going to work because you’re not a hunter,” Harvey explained.

According to Harvey women “don’t even enjoy the hunt,” but men “hunt all day” until they find what they want.

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While some women may balk at Harvey’s no-holds-barred advice, he did tell single women what they could do to improve their chance at love.

“What you are excellent at is what men are not. You have the ability to attract a man, and you already know how to do that,” he said, explaining women shouldn’t be actively on the prowl for a man.

On the other hand, Harvey cautioned women against being too easily impressed with minimal action or attention from a man either.

Still, Harvey drove home his point again that women shouldn’t be looking for a man because while women can attract a mate they “do not have the ability to find one.”

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