4 Ways Slick Rick Proves He’s Still The Ruler on Stage

Slick Rick's Coca Cola art of hip-hop performance proved that he's still the ruler. 

They say Father Time is undefeated, but Slick Rick’s got the key to jumping back a decade or two: hit records. That said, his time at the Coca Cola Art of Hip-Hop Superlounge on Friday night at the 2015 Essence Festival showed that though he’s not a fixture on new jack radio, he’s still got the flavor that made fans love him for years in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Here are four ways Slick Rick proves he’s still The Ruler. 

His Outfit - Rick was as fly as he was in the '80s--clean from head to toe. He had a fresh fade, a blue picnic plaid shirt, baggy solid blue slacks and fresh white shoes. Anything less would have been unlike him.

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He’s Got the Jams -  Slick is known as hip-hop's best storyteller, with vivid rhymes and lines fit for movie and TV screens. He brought out those classics for his fans. Joints like “Mona Lisa” and “Hey Young World” hit hard. 

Slick Had So. Much. Jewelry. On. - In true Rick fashion, gaudy jewelry was draped all over his body. His wrists had chunky bracelets. Three chains dangled from his neck, one baring a Ace of Spades medallion. Rings wrapped his fingers. All bases were covered. 

The Patch - Fans of Slick were a bit disappointed when he first came out. "Where's his patch," one wondered out loud. He started the show with sunglasses on, a pair he'd eventually toss in favor of the patch. Rick put it on before "Children's Story," then slipped off the shirt and rocked a white tank top for the rest of the night.

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