Just because you're carrying a few extra pounds doesn't make you any less beautiful. You may be surprised at how your body settles into a new shape post-baby even with extra weight. "I actually have people who tell me I look better now than I did before the baby and I weigh more now," says Bradford. "I've been walking a lot and toning, but my body shape looks different. I'm almost 10 pounds heavier now but I'm getting all these compliments!"  If your body is a little curvier than you're used to, keep working at it while enjoying life as a new mom in the meantime.

Work less? Change jobs? Or quit altogether?

Taylor Lewis
May, 07, 2015

There's an urban myth about being able to maintain your ideal work-life balance after having children. We all want it, but it rare that we can all do it.

A new study from Ohio State University actually found that new parents underestimate the time they spend at work and overestimate how long they spend on childcare and household chores. Researchers followed 182 couples both before and after they had babies. Nine months after the babies were born, women and men both felt that they had decreased the time spent at their jobs and were spending an adequate amount of time on household duties (women estimated that they were spending 28 hours on childcare. Men guessed that they were doing 35 hours of housework per week). 

However, the opposite was actually true: Both men and women were spending more time at work than they thought, and they both had grossly overestimated their time spent at home (on average, most women spent about 15 hours looking after kids. Men spent a mere nine hours on housework).

Of course, your routines are expected to change after you have a baby, but how do you make sure that you're not spending too much time in the office? How do you balance your job and time with your kids? Take our poll and leave us a comment telling us what your secret is.

QUESTION:How do you balance work and time with your kids? I found a less demanding job 25% I quit to be a stay-at-home mom 4% I'm on a strict schedule 29% I haven't figured it out yet 34% I don't feel like I can 8% Total votes: 83