Bridal Bliss: Brandi and Robert’s Atlanta Wedding

Brandi and Robert Bridal Bliss
After literally bumping into each other at a Las Vegas nightclub in 2007, Brandi and NFLer Robert became long distance pals. Many years later, sparks began to fly and it dawned on them that they were meant to be together all along. See their romantic Atlanta wedding day!

Bride: Brandi Noelle Betton-Craig, 31, Homemaker

Groom: Robert Nathan Mathis, 33, NFL Player

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The Big Day: June 1, 2013

Wedding Location: Atlanta

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Wedding Style: Classic Elegance

A Night To Remember
Back in 2007, total strangers Brandi and Robert were both vacationing with friends in Las Vegas when they literally bumped into each other at a popular nightclub. Back then sidekicks were still “in,” so the couple exchanged AIM contacts. He lived in Georgia at the time and she lived in California with her daughter, so they became long distance friends, but nothing more. Lucky for them, fate had other plans.

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We Are Family
In 2011, after successfully transitioning from long distance friends to lovers, Brandi and Robert were celebrating six blissful months of dating and her birthday with a trip to Turks and Caicos. On their very first evening on the island, Robert made romantic dinner plans for two. After dinner, a very nervous Robert suggested they walk hand in hand along the beach. As they walked along the shore, Brandi found herself lost in the magic of the moment and the beautiful conversation they shared. After reciting a heartfelt bible verse to her, Robert took her by surprise when he asked, “How would your daughter feel about having my last name?” Stunned, Brandi turned to find Robert on bended knee with an engagement ring in hand.  He then asked, “How would you feel about having my last name?” Brandi was ecstatic and happily accepted Robert’s romantic proposal in the middle of paradise. Their Atlanta wedding day was equally romantic. Check out the photos and share their love!

Photos: Ross Oscar Knight

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