In other words, plan to pay attention to your sweet spot just as often as you can. Research conducted at Duke University showed that you can reduce your physiological age by as much as six years just by having an orgasm 200 times a year—that's nearly four times per week. Who wouldn't want to cheer about that? But there are more immediate benefits as well: When you orgasm, you also release oxytocin, a chemical that can put you in a euphoric state for hours.

The average dater says no. Is it too soon for you?

Taylor Lewis
Mar, 02, 2015

Let's talk about sex, ladies. 

Thanks to new survey results released by the popular travel website Time Out, we now have answers to our most pressing dating questions: Who do daters think have the sexiest accent? Brits. How many people have dated their boss? 10 percent. How long should people wait before having sex? 3.5 dates.

Wait… what? 

Yes, that's right. We are now living in an age of social media, smartphones and singles who are eager to jump between the sheets. Though only one in 10 surveyed think that it's acceptable to proposition a sleepover on the first date, the majority of responders agreed that 3.53 dates is the perfect length of time to wait before dancing the horizontal tango.

Do you think 3.5 dates is too quick for a quickie? Take our poll and leave us a comment telling us how long you wait before sleeping with your boo.

QUESTION:Is 3.5 dates too soon to sleep with someone? Yes 51% No 11% It depends on the connection two people feel 38% Total votes: 408