Christmas is time for joy, cheer, and crowded malls. Have you finished all of your shopping?

Jolie A. Doggett
Dec, 19, 2014

Christmastime is here! Time for joy, cheer, peace on Earth, and crowded malls.

As the most wonderful time of the year approaches, many people are dreading the time that will be spent in stores and long lines as they check off their family's Christmas wish list.

Some people beat the rush by getting the shopping out of the way early (like, before Black Friday, early!) or they just skip the stores all together and shop online.

Whatever your method, we want to know if you've gotten your holiday shopping out of the way. Take the poll and let us know what's on your family's Christmas list in the comments.

QUESTION:Are You Done With Your Christmas Shopping? No, I haven't even started yet! 44% Yes! I always shop early. 36% Nope. Everyone gets gift cards this year. 19% Total votes: 88