The singer deleted his Facebook and Twitter accounts and stripped his YouTube channel to its bare bones—only three videos remain.

Taylor Lewis
Nov, 26, 2014

Prince left the world scratching its head yesterday when he disappeared without a trace from all of his social media accounts, reports USA Today

The reclusive singer's Facebook and Twitter are seemingly things of the past, and his VEVO channel on YouTube has been stripped of everything except for three videos: an interview, a video for "Breakfast Can Wait," and a behind-the-scenes peek of "Breakfast Can Wait."

The "Purple Rain" singer made headlines when he joined Twitter last year under the handle @3rdeyegirl. However, he raised eyebrows last month when, after announcing that he was hosting a Facebook Q&A, he proceeded to answer only one of the 4,000 questions.

The disappearance of his social media accounts comes on the heels of his September double-album drop, leaving all of us wondering... Where did he go?

But then again, this is His Purple Highness we're talking about. Are we really that surprised?