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Venus Williams is both a world-renowned tennis player and sought-after interior designer. What's your side job?

Jolie A. Doggett
Nov, 07, 2014

We know Venus Williams as the eldest of the champion tennis duo, the Williams Sisters. But did you know she is also a celebrated interior designer with her own design firm in Florida?

Venus Williams has been helping design and decorate spaces for over a decade and has numerous clients from professional athletes to other celebrities. Even though she's been yielding a racket since age four, Williams says she's happy to finally have a chance to do something that she really loves.

"Most people decide what they want to do later in life, and some people know really early. For me, what I was doing was already decided," Williams said in an interview with the Washington Post. "This was like when you get to make your own choice about what you love."

We want to know if you can relate. Do you have a side job that you'd love to do or are you already in love with your everyday 9 to 5? Let us know in the comments what your side hustle is.

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