New Video Shows Witness Yelling Michael Brown Had ‘His Hands Up’

The cellphone video shows several bystanders’ reactions after seeing police officer Darren Wilson shoot Michael Brown.

New video evidence from the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9 was aired on CNN Wednesday night.

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The cellphone video shows several bystanders’ reactions after seeing Wilson shoot the 18-year-old. One reaction in particular confirms testimonies that say Brown had his hands in the air when Wilson killed him.

"He had his f---n hands up," the man says in the video, as he puts his own hands in the air for emphasis.

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The man, an unnamed construction worker who was working nearby at the time of the murder, told CNN that he did not hear Wilson give Brown any instruction or warning when he raised his arms in surrender. "He just kept shooting," he said.

CNN legal analysts call the video "good evidence" and say it provides more proof that Brown gave Wilson the "universal sign for surrender."

Meanwhile, the general counsel for the St. Louis Police Officer Association maintains that one piece of evidence will not make or break the case on its own, reports CNN.

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