Baltimore city officials are working to enforce strict curfew laws for teens, despite local criticism. Do you agree?

Lauren Turner
Aug, 06, 2014

City-mandated curfews around the country range from 9pm on weekdays to midnight on weekends, and everywhere in between. But they generally aren't often enforced by city officials. 

City leaders in Baltimore are working to enforce stricter curfew laws that "require kids under 14 to be home by 9 and those 14-16 to be in by 10 on weekenights and 11 on weekends," reports CBS. Parents and children alike are unhappy with these laws, calling them a "summer spoiler." But local Councilman Brandon Scott claims that the laws are put in place not to spoil summer, but to "connect vulnerable children and their families to service." 

Are you in favor of city curfews for teens? Should it be up to the parent to decide when their child should be home? Take our poll and comment below. 

QUESTION:Are you in favor of city curfews for teens? Yes, across the board. 73% No, it should be up to the parent. 9% I think it should be situational. 19% Total votes: 215