Would you intervene, call 911, or stay out of it? Take our poll.

Sylvia Obell
Jul, 16, 2014

Videos of crimes being committed are all over the web. The latest shows a San Diego man being thwarted by bystanders after attempting to carjack a mom and her daughter at gunpoint. The footage shows the man being pulled out of the minivan and beated by a crowd after his carjack attempt in broad daylight.

While beating up a criminal may be a bit extreme, it does take a certain kind of person to jump in and help a victim in need. So many of these crime videos show people standing back and recording someone getting hurt instead of helping. Would you intervene if you saw a crime being committed or would your self-preservation instinct kick in and keep you at bay? Would your compassion force you to act? Let us know below.

QUESTION:What would you do if you saw a crime being committed? Call the police 86% Intervene/try to help 10% Record it 0% Mind your business 3% Total votes: 205