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Do you make it a priority to know the people you live around?

Sylvia Obell
Jun, 06, 2014

Two children were stabbed in an apartment building in East New York, Brooklyn as they went to get "an icy treat" earlier this week. Prince Joshua Avitto, 6, was killed and Mikayla Capers,7, was left seriously wounded. 

The tragic news left some commenters on social media reeling and wondering whether the incident could have been prevented had neighbors been on the lookout for the children.

It's not unusual for kids to want to play outside, but long gone are the days when it really "took a village" and every neighbor knew the who was who on the block.

Do you still make it a priority to know the people living by you and your family? Or do you stick to a wave from the mailbox? Let us know how well you know your neighbors below!

QUESTION:How well do you know your neighbors? Not at all 20% We wave hello 61% We're friends 12% They've become extended family 7% I steal their wifi 0% Total votes: 261