Today is the last day to file your taxes! How are you spending your refund?

Sylvia Obell
Apr, 15, 2014

Today is tax day! If you're one of the few American's who have not filed their taxes by today's deadline—the IRS has received nearly three quarters of the returns it expects to get this year (100 million tax returns) as of last week—you have until the end of the day to file for your return or for an extension.

Note: Penalities for filing late only occur if you owe money, not if you're owed a refund.

If you are receiving a refund this can be a joyus time of year. How are you spending it?

QUESTION:What are you doing with your tax refund? Saving it 26% Paying off debt 39% Spring splurge 6% What refund?! 30% Total votes: 303