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We want to know the silliest, most superficial reason a guy ever gave for calling it quits with you.

Charli Penn
Apr, 09, 2014

Earlier this week Steve Harvey offered relationship advice to a man who had a negative reaction to his wife’s transition to natural hair.

“The first time he saw it, he ran out of the house,” the woman told Harvey. “And then he came back in and asked if it was a wig. If so, take it off. He wasn’t very supportive of the natural state.”

The woman’s husband continuously belittles her over her new look and it’s causing problems within their marriage. As appalling as this man’s behavior is, we’re guessing he isn’t the only man willing to lose a good woman over something silly or superficial.

Have you ever been dumped over something superficial? Take our poll below!
QUESTION:Have you ever been dumped over something superficial? (If so, what?) Wearing too much makeup 11% Dramatic weight change/post baby weight gain 61% A hair transition 21% Plastic surgery 7% Total votes: 188