“I'd like to thank Netflix for giving the people what they want: An amazing new prison drama, starring women, with good acting from virtually unknown actresses, that we don't have to wait a whole season to fully enjoy. All 13 episodes were released at once, so you can binge watch it or watch your favorite episodes over and over again.  Watching what happens when a privileged White woman winds up in a prison where she's the minority.”  - Charli Penn, Relationships Editor, ESSENCE.com

Jill Greenberg/ Netflix

Summer's coming early to those who watch the utterly addictive jailhouse drama.

Yolanda Sangweni
Feb, 16, 2014

Summer's coming early to those who watch the utterly addictive Netflix series, Orange is the New Black.

The jailhouse drama will return on June 6, boasted Netflix with a "surprise date announcement" during an ad that appeared in the season finale of that other binge-worthy series, House of Cards on Friday.

The hit series—which premiered in July 2013 and features a bevy of African-American actresses—tells the story of woman who goes to prison nearly a decade after being a drug mule for her former girlfriend. The show has made stars of transgender actress Laverne Cox and Danielle Brooks and Smaira Wiley. "I think the most exciting part is being acknowledged for your work because we work really hard and we trained for this," Brooks told ESSENCE.com about her new fame.

Will you be tuning in on June 6?