The case for using two stylers on your curls.

Crystal G. Martin
Jan, 22, 2014

I'm all about ease when it comes to curls. Very low maintanence, very little styling—I could probably do better. So when a friend mentioned she uses two different styling products on her hair—a gel for most of her curls and a cream for the kinkier hair at the crown of her head—I was intrigued. I'd thought I was in some two-textured hair minority, but apparently there were others out there who had a few different curl patterns going on, and they were doing something about it. As curly girls know, there are a number of stylers out there. In general, the gels work well for looser curls, but kinkier textures need more moisture in the form of a cream. I decided to try my friend's two-product styling technique, using Kinky-Curly Curling Custard on the majority of my hair and Hair Rules Kinky Curling Cream on the crown where my hair curled more tightly. Great news for lazy girls: Switching up product during styling didn't add much more fuss to my routine. I sectioned off the crown of my hair with a scrunchie, styled the rest of my curls, then went back in with my number two kinky-curl product. Super easy. And I saw great results with how my tighter hair performed—mainly the cream kept frizz at bay and stretched my curls. Added bonus: The two different products created a bit of scent layering, so my hair had a yummy, rich scent for the first few days after styling. Two-product styling is a no-brainer for women with multiple textures. It's quick, easy and it works! 

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