The Ellen Degeneres Show

What kind of push gift would you want?

Sylvia Obell
Jan, 09, 2014

While on The Ellen Degeneres show this week, new mom Tamar Braxton showed off adorable pictures of her baby Logan and a massive yellow canary diamond ring. She explained to Ellen that her new sparkler was a "push gift" from her husband Vince for bringing their son into the world and a Christmas present. Tamar claimed she didn't know how many carats the diamond is, but Ellen estimates it to be "40 or something" carats. 

Push gifts are becoming more and more common amongst couples who have babies together. As Tamar mentioned, the gift is meant to serve as a "thank you" from new fathers to the mother of their child for having gone through the entire pregnancy/delivery process. Push gifts range from luxury items like diamonds and designer labels, to experiences like a vacation, to something sentimental like a bracelet engraved with your baby's name.

What kind of push gift would you want? If you've gotten one, let us know what it was in a comment!

QUESTION:What kind of push gift would you want? A Vacation 24% Diamond Jewelry 19% Accessories: Handbag, Watch, Shoes, etc. 6% A Car 11% Something Sentimental 38% Other: Tell Us In A Comment! 2% Total votes: 172