People who constantly check their phone during dinner are annoying, aren't they? What other cellphone habits get under your skin?

Yolanda Sangweni
Sep, 26, 2013

Cellphones have certainly brought out the best and worst in us. Sure, they've drastically changed how we communicate and helped us stay connected like never before. But darn it, let's talk about the cellphone-obsessed among us. You know, the people who can't seem to take a breath, much less talk to people in real time, without reaching for their device.

An all too familiar scenario involves you and a friend or significant other at dinner. You're busy off-loading about your life, and what are they doing? Checking their email, Instagram, Facebook or text messages. Things have gotten so bad some restaurants have started offering discounts to customers who leave their phones with staff during dinner.

What are the most annoying cellphone habits you've encountered? Vote in our poll and share your stories with us below. QUESTION:Which cellphone habits do you find the most annoying? People who are on their phone during dinner or other social situations 53% People who text and drive 33% People who constantly take pictures 4% Texting while walking 5% Selfies! Ugh! 5% Total votes: 307