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The 26-year-old male was apprehended after snooping around the singer's Los Angeles home.

Derrick Bryson Taylor
Jun, 18, 2013

There's more trouble at Rihanna's swanky Pacific Palisades mansion.

As the Los Angeles Times and TMZ report, a 26-year-old man was caught snooping around the pop singer's roof.

Private security guards captured the trespasser around 10 p.m. on Monday. He was held until authorities were able to come to the scene. The man claims he didn't know he was at the pop-star's estate.

He was immediately arrested and is currently held on $2,882 bail. Rihanna wasn't home during the chaotic moment. She's currently on the European leg of her Diamond's Tour.

This isn't the first time police were called to the singer's home in recent months. Her home was swatted by pranksters April. Police responded to a call claiming two armed men shot someone inside the home. It was one of many swatting calls targeting celebrity homes in the area at the time.