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The Oscar-winning actress says her son suffered the injury by going down a slide.

Derrick Bryson Taylor
Apr, 16, 2013

Actress and singer Jennifer Hudson learned the hard way that playtime can be very dangerous. Her three-year-old son, David Jr., broke his leg while playing.

"My little munchkin—he broke his leg sliding down the slide," said the Oscar winner to Jimmy Kimmel last night. "They say the number one way children break their legs is by sliding down on someone's lap. So don't let your kids do that!"

Kimmel couldn't believe that slides were such a hazard to toddlers. Hudson shared, "We learned the hard way… So, he's at home watching his dad right now."

Hudson said since the incident things have calmed down at home. David Jr., who normally wrestles his mother and sings with his dad, according to Hudson, wonders if his leg will ever heal.

"He's like, 'Mommy, what's going to happen with my bad leg? Will I be able to wrestle again? Can I ride my bike?' He doesn't really understand," said Hudson.