Porsha Stewart
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Porsha Stewart was proud to be a "Black trophy wife." But did that status set her up for failure?

Charlene Cooper
Mar, 28, 2013

All that glitters isn't gold on this season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Reality housewife and self proclaimed "Black trophy wife" Porsha Stewart was hit with devastation when she read online that her husband, Kordell Stewart, filed for divorce.

The pair have been the talk of the season with co-stars saying Kordell is too controlling and that Porsha is too submissive. Not letting it bother her, the reality star told The Grio days ago, "we're supposed to be submissive to our husbands and let them be the leaders."

Porsha released a statement to OKMagazine.com after the divorce made headlines reading, "Mrs. Stewart is disappointed about her husband's recent filing for divorce. Mrs. Stewart held off on filing for a divorce herself and remained committed to the marriage because Mr. Stewart promised to work on the marriage with her. Instead, he misled her and she found out about the filing in the media. Mrs. Stewart hopes to resolve these personal issues privately with the support of her family, friends and strong faith."

Did Porsha set herself up for failure by depending solely on her husband? Or did she do what most women would if given the opportunity? Take our poll and explain your answer below.

QUESTION:How do you feel about the concept of being a trophy wife? It's a dream come true, I'd love to be a kept woman! 30% I'd never do that, I'm too career driven. 70% Total votes: 512