“I was dating this nice guy for a few weeks, met his family, and even thought he could be the one. Then one afternoon we left his apartment and I noticed we weren’t taking the normal route to my house. I didn’t think anything, until he made a left turn on red in the middle of a busy intersection, then began to drive on the shoulder of the highway. I asked him what was going on, and he told me we were being chased by the police. Somehow we made it out but I never went out with him again.”

—Vanessa R., 27, Miami

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One civil rights organization wants to put an end to television show, Cops.

Charlene Cooper
Mar, 20, 2013

The nation's largest online civil rights organization, ColorOfChange.org, is pressuring the FOX network and corporate advertisers of the television show Cops, to stop airing the 25-year-old reality show.

"Research shows that with such a narrow range of Black characters and personalities in primetime, the negative perceptions and distorted images presented by shows like Cops, create an atmosphere of suspicion and desensitizes and conditions audiences to view police misconduct and harsher punishments as acceptable," said Executive Director of ColorofChange, Rashad Robinson.

ColorofChange sent out a petition to the media corporation and Cops producers in hopes of persuading them into canceling the show.

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