"This photograph represents the timeless sisterhood that has always existed between the many generations of women in my family. My mother, Norgina Wright Penn, my grandmother Allegra Merry Wright, and my second cousin Roalene Phillips, posed for this photo many year ago as they celebrated a joint business together. Two of them have long since gone on to heaven and the third, Ms. Phillips, continues to keep their legacy of fierce and fabulous womanhood alive within our family." -- Charli Penn

It's not too late! Share your old-school family pictures now for a chance to be featured on ESSENCE.com.

Feb, 06, 2013

Every February, ESSENCE highlights those people who have helped shape our culture and communities for Black History Month. This year, we'd like you to chime in and share who was important in shaping who you are today. We love vintage pictures so dig up some great old-school photos of your family, friends and loved ones and let us know why they're important to you. We want to see your mom looking fab in the '70s, your auntie grilling for the annual BBQ back in the '80s, or that very special family vacation in the country with the family.

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