Should you move on if you’re not "madly in love"? If he says he doesn’t ever want to marry you, is that the truth? Dr. Sherry answers these and more on camera. Watch now!
Nov, 16, 2012

Each week you send in your burning questions for our resident love guru Dr. Sherry, and as we read through them we began to notice a pattern: Many of you have the same dating dilemmas! What’s a girl to do when she really “likes” a guy she’s been dating for a while, but she doesn’t “love” him the way he loves her? Is sleeping with a guy too soon really a death sentence for a potential relationship? Do men who say they “never ever want to get married” really mean it? We could go on and on.

But not to worry — we get it. You’ve got questions and you want answers, so when Dr. Sherry stopped by the offices for a visit, we sat her down and asked on your behalf. Watch this video to find out her advice on these common love conundrums and more, then ask any follow-up questions or respond to her feedback below.

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