Sparks flew between free-spirited law professor Arianne and sweet college basketball coach Amir the moment they first laid eyes on one another at a friend's Fourth of July cookout. Their instant connection was like something right out of a fairy-tale, and Arianne says she can't remember speaking to anyone but Amir that night. Just five months later, he professed his true love and popped the question over Thanksgiving dinner while surrounded by his entire family. On August 4, 2012, the lovebirds were married in a blissful beach ceremony in Miami. You're gonna love their photos—share the love!


Law professor Arianne locked eyes with college basketball coach Amir at a friend’s Fourth of July cookout and sparks began to fly. The following Thanksgiving he popped the question over family dinner, and nine months later, they said “I do.”

Charli Penn
Oct, 24, 2012

Bride: Arianne Buchanan, 27, Attorney

Groom: Amir Abdur-Rahim, 31, Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach

Married On: August 4, 2012

Wedding Location: Acqualina Resort & Spa, Miami, Florida

Wedding Style: Beach Chic

The Law of Attraction
The evening Arianne, a free-spirited law professor, met Amir, a fun-loving college basketball coach, they locked eyes over the grill at a mutual friend’s Fourth of July cookout. Just like that, they knew they were in trouble. Cupid had perfect aim. Until that moment, both had been happily single, but on that night something inside them changed. A powerful feeling took hold, and they hung out together all evening long and got o know each other better. “I generally am not a believer in love at first sight, but I must admit, in this case, that is just what it was,” confesses Arianne. “I have little to no recollection of speaking with anyone other than Amir that entire evening!” He will tell you that she played hard to get, but Arianne knew when she met Amir that she had never quite felt that way before. Just five months later, Amir's heart told him it was time to propose.

So Thankful
On Thanksgiving Day 2011, Amir’s entire family had convened at his mother’s home in Atlanta to celebrate, and he brought his ladylove Arianne along for the festivities. She spent most of the day in the kitchen cooking with his sisters, while he put the finishing touches on his proposal plan. When it came time to bless the meal, Amir volunteered to say grace. “It was a wonderful prayer, but I must admit, I was kind of taken aback when he said he was thankful for everyone in the family but seeimngly excluded me,” she says. “Then, the surprise came. Apparently he had saved the best part for last. Amir got down on one knee in front of everyone and asked for my hand in marriage. Amidst tears of joy, I, of course, said yes!”

Photos: Cendino Teme Photography