Nino Muñoz

"I need somebody with some kids," says the talented singer.
Sep, 06, 2012

Even though ESSENCE cover girl Jill Scott is single and very happy, it doesn't mean she's clueless about what she wants in a man. In fact, it's the complete opposite. Scott, 40, has a hefty list of wants and needs.

"In my ideal world," the talented singer says of a perfect mate, "he has to be doing what he loves, whether he makes as much as I do or not." Scott has a 3-year-old son named Jett, who keeps her busy around the clock, and thus she desires a partner who's into kids. "I need someone with some kids, somebody who works hard for them, loves them and is an active presence in their lives."

But that's not all: In the ESSENCE cover story, Scott went on to list a number of other things she wants in a potential partner, including someone who understands God. "I need to be able to pray with my man," she says. "I like a man who smells good. Puts on cologne; lotions his body. It keeps me wanting. I like feeling that way."

To find out what other qualities Scott wants in a future lover, how she feels about turning 40, her ever-changing hair and more, pick up the October issue of ESSENCE on newsstands now.