Frenchie Davis comes out of the closet and reveals she is in love. 

Myeisha Essex
Jun, 22, 2012

Singer Frenchie Davis came out of the closet just in time for this year's gay pride celebrations. She revealed to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that she has been dating a woman for the past year. 

“I wasn’t out before the relationship, but I wasn’t in,” she said. “I dated men and women, though lesbians weren’t feeling the bisexual thing. Now I’m in love with a woman I think I can be with forever.”

She will be performing at two Pride Day festivities; one in St. Louis and another in Chicago, this weekend. “The gay community is my most loyal fan base. Whenever an opportunity presents itself, I jump at it,” she said. "I love the gay boys." 

The R&B vocalist also revealed plans to debut her new single "Love's Got a Hold on Me" from her upcoming album. 

Davis is best known as a contestant on the second season of American Idol, a semifinalist on The Voice and for her Broadway performances in Dreamgirls and Rent