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Yolanda Sangweni
May, 08, 2012

Soul crooner Ryan Shaw makes his return with Real Love, an album filled with strong grooves and the kind of quiet storm balladry his fans have come to appreciate. Real Love (out May 15) is the two-time Grammy nominee's follow-up to his impressive debut, This is Ryan Shaw. Shaw describes his sophomore effort as "A gumbo infused with soul, rock and two tablespoons of gospel."

Listen in and let us know what you think:

  • "Real Love" by Ryan Shaw

  • "Karina" by Ryan Shaw

  • "Can't Hear The Music" by Ryan Shaw

  • "You Don't Know Nothing About Love" by Ryan Shaw

  • "Evermore" by Ryan Shaw

  • "Gone Gone Gone" by Ryan Shaw

  • "That is Why" by Ryan Shaw

  • "Yesterday" by Ryan Shaw

  • "In Between" by Ryan Shaw

  • "Blackmail" by Ryan Shaw

  • "The Wrong Man" by Ryan Shaw

  • "Morning Noon & Night" by Ryan Shaw

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