The EMF headliners will release their seventh studio album, Go Get It, on May 8. Check it now exclusively on!
May, 01, 2012

Thus far, 2012 has been very busy for Gospel's biggest duo. Erica Campbell gave birth to daughter Zaya-Monqiue in January and the next month, sister Tina Campbell, announced she's expecting her fifth child this summer. Despite their growing family, Mary Mary is pushing full steam ahead with their new album, Go Get It.

Set to hit stores on May 8, the 13-song album contains music featured in and inspired by their hit reality show, "Mary Mary," on WE. Stream the entire album here and get a preview of what they will perform in New Orleans at the 2012 ESSENCE Music Festival.

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  • "Go Get It" by Mary Mary

  • "God Bless" by Mary Mary

  • "Little Girl" Mary Mary

  • "The Dirt" by Mary Mary

  • "Can't Give Up Now" by Mary Mary

  • "I'm Running" by Mary Mary

  • "Good To Me" (ft. Destiny's Child) by Mary Mary

  • "Sunday Morning" by Mary Mary

  • "He Said" by Mary Mary

  • "And I" (ft. Kirk Franklin) by Mary Mary

  • "Walking" by Mary Mary

  • "God in Me" (ft. Kierra 'KiKi' Sheard) by Mary Mary

  • "Shackles" by Mary Mary