If you are transitioning from relaxed to natural, curls and braids are great alternatives. To create this curly look, Watkins-Hartley blew hair out straight (which keeps your roots stretched while creating curl) and parted strands into sections. She then applied a setting foam to each section and wrapped the hair around the roller. Once hair was dried, curls were released and finger-combed into place.

Curls, coils and locs for the boardroom and beyond.

Tasha Turner
Apr, 05, 2012

Natural hair in the workplace? Sixty years ago it was a rarity, but thankfully times are changing and our naturals have found their place in the corporate setting.

"People are starting to accept natural hair more. But be conscious about your environment," says Simeko Watkins-Hartley of Meko New York hair salon in Orange, New Jersey. "Women want to wear their hair natural; they just don't know their styling options."   If you're concerned about transitioning into work-friendly natural styles, check out these expert tips and looks for the boardroom and beyond.