After a whirlwind weekend of interviewing single brothers left and right, the Modern Day Matchmaker fills you in on what's really on the minds of men.

Paul Carrick Brunson
Feb, 07, 2012

Here’s a line you don’t hear every day:

“I’m straight but very good at finding and picking up guys.”

That’s what I told a friend after a recent weekend where I traveled to a city I had never visited before and found, interviewed, and included 48 new single guys in my database.  

Where did I find them, you’re wondering? Everywhere. I visited 3 churches, 3 clubs, 2 brunch locations, 2 college campuses (libraries), 2 town centers, a basketball court, car wash, and strolled a town center. The men I identified were mostly African American, ranged in age between 23-42, and are all single (yes, we ran background checks to confirm).

I know what you’re dying to know. Exactly what did I learn from my “single brotha search-find-and-interview tornado weekend?” Lots. Here are ten things on the minds of single men right now.