The "Joyful Noise" starlet says she was nervous about her first on-screen kiss.

Derrick Bryson Taylor
Jan, 13, 2012

Teen actress KeKe Palmer is best known for her role in 2006's hit family film "Akeelah and the Bee."

Fast forward six years, several movies, and a music debut, and you'll see Palmer has grown up right before our eyes.

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With a sizzling interracial romance in "Joyful Noise" (out today), Palmer seems ready to shed her child star image. "'Joyful Noise' is definitely a real coming of age film for me," she tells "It just shows that I'm growing up."

Asked how she felt prepping for her first on-screen kiss with co-star Jeremy Jordan, the 18-year-old reveals it was slightly awkward to pucker up for the cameras. "I was so nervous about it because it had a lot of elements like [Jeremy] putting me on a kitchen table -- like that was some grown people type stuff," she says coyly.

"It was my first adult kiss!"

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Now that its over, Palmer says she's ready for her next love scene, with a few requirements. "As long as it's one of those done in the dark I don't see any problem with it," she jokes.

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