It's Tuesday, check out why we stopped at Starbucks this morning: a judge has lifted the NFL lockout, Beyonce will not perform for William and Kate, and Oprah revealed that it's her "dream" to do Broadway...

Derrick Bryson Taylor
Apr, 26, 2011

It's Tuesday, check out why we stopped at Starbucks this morning:

  • On a recent episode of Oprah, the reigning talk show queen revealed she would like to conquer the Broadway stage when her show is over. It's "the one thing I want to do," she told Chris Rock, who is currently on Broadway with his "Motha****** with a Hat." "Well, we gotta find a play. That's my dream," she told Rock. We're sure tons of scripts will be pouring in any minute now. [Clutch Magazine]

  • Who knew a judge could order someone to take a debt course? Apparently, a judge ordered Toni Braxton to take such a course after filing for bankruptcy twice. She claimed she owed between $10-50 million dollars — she passed with flying colors. [TMZ]

  • Rumors were swirling that Beyonce would perform at the royal wedding reception, but her rep has shut them down, saying she has a photo shoot on Saturday, April 30th in New York. [Boom Box]

  • Mariah Carey says she's ready to be done with pregnancy. The expectant mom posted a pick of her belly painted like an Easter egg on Sunday — so adorable! [Just Jared]

  • A judge has sided with NFL players over its battle between athletes and business owners. A U.S. District Judge has lifted the lockout, however, the NFL has filed an appeal to put a halt to the judge's ruling. As a result of yesterday's ruling, players are allowed to practice at their respective facilities. [The Root]

  • Willow Smith rocked the White House yesterday with a powerhouse performance. She performed "Whip My Hair" along with "21st Century Girl." Take a look at Willow doing it big on Capitol Hill.