For those days when you want to feel a little extra sexy.

Bobbi Misick
Jan, 21, 2011

We know, girl. You're fabulous and sexy just the way you are. But it's a woman's prerogative to spruce things a bit and change her attitude every once in a while. Whether it's an open mind, a bedroom playlist or an animal print push up bra and sky high stilettos, these things are for those days when you want to feel a little extra sexy.

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1. Vampy Red Lipstick... you can always feel red hot.

2. A Racy Push Up Bra...
...animal print is definitely a bonus.

3. A Go-to Sexy Hairdo...
...that you can whip up in 10 minutes.

4. A Pair of Do Me Pumps...
...that make you want to strut your booty off.

5. A Vibe You Love... you don't have to do all of the work all the time. 

6. A Pair of Painted On Jeans...
...that cling to your curves and make him ask if there's any more room for him in there.

7. Something with a Garter and Thigh High Stockings...
...or whatever else makes you feel like the sexiest woman on the planet. 

8. A Bedtime Playlist...
...because they're fun to make and will turn you on whether you've got company or not.

9. A Fun Strip Tease Routine... you can capture his attention in any situation, just by crawling across the floor in your underwear.

10. Everyday Panties That Make You Feel Irresistible... you can walk down the street with the confidence that you look so damn good underneath all your clothes.

11. Your Own Naughty Girl Drawer...
...stocked with condoms, your favorite massage oils and lube, that trusty vibe and whatever other sexual accoutrements you like to keep around—you know, like silk ties, blindfolds, handcuffs, whatever. Make sure it's close to the bed.

12. At Least One Candle that Doubles as Massage Oil... you can make him hot and he can rub you down.

13. A Musky Fragrance that Reminds You of Your Last Bedroom Romp... you can relive every hair-pulling, leg-quivering, lip-tingling moment at your desk. 

14. A Mysterious Trench Coat... you can show up to his place with nothing on underneath, but that favorite fragrance of yours.

15. A Willingness To Try Anything Once...
...because sex is always better when you approach it with an open mind.