Here's what we've got brewing this morning: "RHoA" star Sheree Whitfield's Aston Martin was repossessed as payment for an old debt, rapper Gucci Mane has been released from jail and all charges against him have been dropped. Lil Wayne is being released from jail today... and going straight to a release party (of course). And Kanye West apologized, in his own way, for calling out George W. Bush in 2005. Take a look at what he had to say... can you agree with Kanye this time around? Here's what you had to say: Jacqueline commented via Facebook: "Bush deserves a late pass." J.J. wrote via Facebook: "Kanye dissing Taylor Swift in no way shape or form is the same as Bush and Katrina."
Nov, 04, 2010

kanye-west-gwb-300-1.jpg Here's what we've got brewing this morning:

  • Kanye West has responded to former President, George W. Bush's recent comments about the worst moment of his presidency. "I definitely can understand the way he feels for being accused of being a racist in any way because the same thing happened to me where I got accused of being racist. In both situations it was a lack of compassion that America saw in that situation. With him it was a lack of compassion with him not taking the time to rush down to New Orleans. With me it was a lack of compassion of cutting someone off in their moment..." Kanye may actually be on to something here... [YBF]
  • "RHoA" star Sheree Whitfield is short one car this week. Her Aston Martin was seized after she failed to pay $110,000 in legal fees. Her former divorce lawyer is behind the seizure. As for her comment, "It's okay, it's a car, I'll get another one." Typical Sheree...[TMZ]
  • Rapper Gucci Mane has been released from jail, and an Atlanta judge ruled that all charges against him be dropped. No word on the reason why. He allegedly broke several laws and police had to use pepper spray to restrain him, but he walks away scot-free? Something isn't adding up here. [Daily News]
  • Lil Wayne will walk right out of jail and into a release party. His publicist confirmed that the rapper will fly to Miami for a "welcome home party." He will then return to the studio to work on new music. Let's hope he's not tardy for the party...[CNN]
  • Cirque du Soleil is putting on a Michael Jackson themed show and it's coming to a city near you. Dates have just been announced for the show; take a look to see if you can catch what will be an amazing performance. [Perez Hilton]
  • In other "RHoA" news, Kim Zoliciak's ex-boyfriend, Big Poppa, is having money troubles. Tenants of a Union City mall, which he owns, were spotted moving out because he hasn't paid the electricity bill. Looks like Kim did the right thing by letting him go. She needs a man that can keep up with her bills... right? [YBF]
  • And everybody could use a little 'Tasia in the morning... check out her latest video, "I'm Doin' Me." It's just want you need to get the day going...