Coffee Talk is burning hot on this hump day! Take a look at what we're chatting about: T.I. has to report to an Arkansas prison by November 1st. Time is ticking for the rapper before he starts his 11-month prison sentence. There may be a new feature film in the works based on Michael Jackson's "Thriller." Plus, Rihanna reveals in the December issue of Marie Claire UK that she needed a "wake up call" with regard to dating Chris Brown and their infamous debacle. Ladies, have you ever needed a wake up call when dating a man? Here's what you had to say: Scooter commented via Facebook: "I'm so past this and I thought she was too." Kimberly wrote via Facebook: "Still?"
Oct, 27, 2010

Riri-talks-chris-brown-300.jpg Take a look at what we're chatting about:

  • In the December issue of Marie Claire UK, Rihanna opens up about her 2009 incident with Chris Brown. "God has a crazy way of working, and sometimes when stuff happens you feel like, 'What did I do to deserve this?' Why was it backfiring on me? But I needed that wake-up call in my life. I needed a turning point, and that's what God was giving to me," she said. Have you ever needed a wake up call about a bad relationship? [Pop Eater]
  • Janet Jackson wants to take on Brazilian and jazz music as her next task, genres she grew up with. It would be interesting to see Janet scatting on a jazz number. She could totally remake an Ella Fitzgerald classic. [Buffalo News]
  • For all the stans out there, we've got a treat! Beyonce released her "I Am...World Tour" DVD Cover. She looks hot! By the way, is gold the only color Beyonce wears? Check out the beautiful cover. [TGJ]
  • Common and Rosario Dawson have been picked to host a new HBO poetry show called "Brave New Voices." It's a spin-off of the original HBO poetry show. It debuted last Saturday, check it out this coming weekend! [Hip-Hop Wired]
  • T.I. has been ordered to report to an Arkansas prison by November 1st. It looks like the clock is ticking for T.I. He's probably saying his goodbyes and tying up loose ends in business. He has also changed the title of his forthcoming album from "King Uncaged" to "No Mercy." The latter title seems more appropriate, given his current situation. [Hip-Hop Wired] [Rap Radar]
  • There are plans in the works to create a film based on MJ's "Thriller!" The film may be directed by the "High School Musical" director, Kenny Ortega. He also directed "This is It" about Jackson's last days. Is all of this necessary? Why can't the original "Thriller" stand alone? Some of the best pieces of work should not be remade. [Slash Films]
  • Recently, during his sold-out Staples Center concert, Justin Bieber brought out Willow Smith! The two danced to the screams of thousands of fans. Check it out! She'll be holding her own concerts soon. [Punch Bowl Blog]

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