Living your best life each and every day can be a challenge. We understand that with the stress of relationships, work and even family, you sometimes lose sight of what's important. Stephanie Clark feels your pain and offers some words of encouragement to help shift your attention onto yourself.

Stephanie Clark
Sep, 02, 2010

happy-woman-empowerment-475.jpg My life just continues to get better and better. I feel like I am unequivocally living my life on purpose and it feels incredible to awake each morning motivated to serve and make a difference in someone else's life. By no means am I saying that my life is perfect! Actually, I don't want to live a perfect life because I know the challenges and trials I am confronted with only make me stronger and stretch my faith. I do not ever want to stop growing in my walk to be closer to God. I totally believe that living a purposeful life is about serving others (in some capacity). Start serving and living your life on purpose today! Examine yourself and ask, "What am I doing to make a difference in someone's life or to make a difference in this world?" If your answer is nothing, then you need to shift your priorities and perspectives and align your life with your passions and make the decision to give back and be of service to others. It's often the small things we do or say to help others that make a huge difference and leave a great impact on changing lives and changing this world. Are you truly doing your part to make a difference? Are you putting forth an effort to serve others in some capacity? Are you simply allowing life to live you -- or are you living your life on purpose? Keep striving to fulfill your purpose and continue to be empowered! For more of Stephanie Clark's stories, click here.