Here's what's got us brewing this morning -- The Apollo traded Harlem for the Hamptons this weekend for a fundraiser hosted by Ronald Pearlman and Dick Parsons with guest performers Mary J. Blige and John Legend. Kanye West and Justin Bieber are bonding on Facebook, and White House-Crashing DC Housewife Michaele Salahi has more law troubles. Plus, why are people giving First Lady Michelle Obama heat over her recent Spain vacation? Here's what you had to say: Latrica commented via Facebook: "I can't believe that people think the First Lady did not have money before she became the First Lady. Why is she catching slack?" Pleasant wrote via Facebook: "Did anyone notice the First Lady having a great time with her girls while haters were heated? Enough said."
Aug, 16, 2010


  • Ronald Pearlman and Dick Parsons host a fundraiser for The Apollo in the Hamptons this weekend. Guest paid up to $50, 000 for a table to listen to John Legend and Mary J. Blige perform. Russell Simmons was also in attendance. [NYPost]
  • While away over seas in Lanvin, Kanye West bonded over Twitter with Justin Bieber. Kanye said that he listened to Bieber's "Runaway Love" and mentioned that he has a song on his new album called "Runaway." The two may even get together for a future collaboration. [Vulture]
  • Indiana Pacer's Lance Stephenson, 19, was arrested for allegedly pushing his girlfriend down the stairs at 5 a.m. Sunday morning. She was taken to a Brooklyn hospital and treated for head, neck and back injuries. The two share a son together. [NY Daily News]
  • It seems like trouble is always surrounding "Real Housewives of DC" member Michaele Salahi. She is being investigated after the August 12th episode showed her being escorted by a DC police cruiser to a party. The police department wants to know how the cruiser got involved. [Radar]
  • Michelle Obama is currently coming under fire for her trip to Spain. Some are getting upset that she took such a lavish trip while others are prompted to wonder if some Republicans can't stand the sight of Black wealth. Clutch has an interesting take on this matter. [Clutchmag]
  • Robert Wilson of The Gap Band died at of a heart attack on Sunday. He was 53. [BV]
  • Michael Jordan partied with Jay-Z at Avenue in NYC on Friday. He reportedly sat at Jay-Z and Beyonce's table before going upstairs where he mingled with other guests. [PG6]
  • A group of international academics and authors have come together to write a letter to the President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, urging him to repay Haiti the billions paid for it's independence. They strongly believe that France's payment would aid the country tremendously. [Gaurdian]
  • A previously undetected fault line may be responsible for the Haiti earthquake. Scientists originally blamed a well-known fault line for the 7.0 quake. [HP]
  • A new study suggests that teens that have sex in a committed relationship don't always earn bad grades. This study goes against the traditional thought that having sex affects teens' grades. [Time]
  • New York became the last state to adopt no fault divorce. Gov. Patterson, at the last minute, signed the bill, making New York the 50th state to adopt the controversial law. [CT]